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          mold device

          Industry news

          Analysis of the market prospect of mould processing equipment in China大红鹰彩票登录地址


          After the development of "11th Five-Year", China大红鹰彩票登录地址's mould industry has made considerable progress. The main manifestations are: the vigorous development of the foreign-funded enterprises has made a rapid development of the scale of mould production and the level of products in our country大红鹰彩票登录地址; the non-state-owned economy has sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain, so that the scale of mould production in China大红鹰彩票登录地址 has expanded rapidly and the product level has been improved rapidly. In the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta region, which are especially concentrated in Hong Kong capital, Taiwan capital and foreign capital, with the rise of machinery, electronics, light industry, building materials, communication and office equipment, the production of self produced and self used moulds used in enterprises has also developed greatly. This part of the mold production scale of about 300 to 50 billion yuan. The total scale of mold production in China大红鹰彩票登录地址 has exceeded 60 billion yuan in 2005. According to the analysis of the mould expert Luo Baihui, the development speed of the mould industry during "11th Five-Year" is higher than the average speed above 15%. In 11th Five-Year, the total amount of mould production will be about 100 to 20 billion yuan per year. At present, the total scale of mould production in China大红鹰彩票登录地址 (not included in the statistics of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) has reached the total. About 100 billion yuan. If the average annual increment is 15 billion yuan, the input-output ratio of fixed assets is roughly 1:1, and about 60% of the investment is used for the purchase of new equipment, the average annual date is 9 billion yuan for the purchase of all kinds of equipment. This is a budgetary estimate for the equipment market in the mold industry. Although the equipment market is only a small proportion of the total size of the machine tool industry, it can not be said to be small and should not be ignored. Even if the foreign-funded enterprises mainly use foreign equipment, the equipment market will be left at least 6 billion yuan per year for the domestic machine tool industry. If the domestic equipment level and services are competitive, foreign-funded enterprises are also willing to choose inexpensive domestic equipment. Therefore, if the machine tool industry can grasp this market, it will not be too much to describe the market with "30 billion yuan" in the "11th Five-Year" period.

          Basic requirements for equipment in the mold industry

          Compared with other machining, the die processing has its special characteristics. These particularity are mainly: 1. most of the moulds need to process the complex surface of the space on the core metal module. With the continuous development of the mold, the weight of the module will become more and more large, and now there are some tens of tons; most of the 2. modes are made. With the shape of rectangle or cube, there are few narrow long forms, the main processing quantity is concentrated on the die and the punch. 3. as the requirements of the mold products are more and more precise and complex, the requirements for the machining precision of the die are getting higher and higher. Now the machining precision of many moulds has reached up to + 1~2 mu m, and will soon develop to less than + 1 mu m; 4. As the demand for the production cycle of the die is shorter and shorter, the die processing needs to meet the requirements of high efficiency, rapid, and a certain flexibility and long time full load and no stop operation. According to the above 4 particularity, the following basic requirements are put forward for the mould processing equipment: 1. the machine tools should have good rigidity and large bearing capacity adapted to the weight of the module; 2. the size of the working table should be adapted to the shape of the mould, it is suitable for the rectangle or square and round, and it should not be narrow and long, and the height direction and its stroke are not suitable. It requires a large space; 3. to have high precision and precision retention; 4. to be able to quickly and efficiently remove the allowance and have high reliability to maintain a continuous and full load for a long time; 5. to adapt to the complex space surface processing, and have a large amount of processing, so the machine bed can be multiaxial and equipped with large information capacity. The quantity of numerical control system.

          Some basic requirements for most of the die processing equipment are mentioned above, and there are many special requirements. For example, the machine tool for processing plastics requires a higher speed, but because of the small cutting force, a light structure can be used to reduce the cost of the machine. The machine tool for the test die is not required to be efficient and fast, but the reverse kinetic energy is required to repair the mold; a large number of repeated processing in some simple processes can be used by a special machine and so on. At the same time, compound machining, flexible machining and on-line testing are also the requirements of mold processing.

          Analysis of the competitiveness of domestic mould and die equipment

          At present, domestic equipment produced by the domestic machine tool industry, in addition to the lack of independent innovation ability in a few high-end equipment, is still difficult to satisfy for a moment, most of the domestic technology and ability can be satisfied, but because the machine tool industry does not pay attention to the mold industry and the special requirements for the mold processing. Analysis is the result of research.

          The main manifestations are: 1. products are not developed for the special requirements of the mold industry, the main structure can not be well adapted to the mold processing, including the worktable size and weight, the rigidity and stability of the machine tools, the reliability of long time full load operation, high speed and high precision and high precision and large amount of space surface processing, and so on; 2. equipment The quality of the parts and accessories of the multi zero parts, especially some electronic components, some mechanical parts and numerical control systems, and so on. 3. because of the enterprise system, mechanism and management, including the poor assembly quality and the comprehensive service level, especially after the after-sale service, the mould enterprises are not easy to choose the domestic products. 大红鹰彩票登录地址.

          Compared with the imported equipment, the domestic equipment is lack of competitiveness in terms of performance, reliability, precision, quality, delivery time and comprehensive service capability compared with the imported equipment. The main reason for Luo Baihui's analysis is that the ability of independent innovation is weak. It does not pay attention to the equipment market in the mould industry, and the system, mechanism and management are not equal to three aspects.




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