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          Shenzhen JRC MOULD CO. (Ltd)(JRC MOULD)

          Industry news

          The mold industry in our country大红鹰彩票登录地址 has a limitless rise in space


          The mold industry of our country大红鹰彩票登录地址 has made certain achievements. The industrial foundation of the mold injection processing industry in Beijing is still not mature, which is mainly reflected in the irrational structure, the industrial dispersion and the low technology in the mold industry of our country大红鹰彩票登录地址, that is, the mould industry in our country大红鹰彩票登录地址 still belongs to the rising industry, and it also needs to be found. It takes a long time to develop, in order to constantly improve themselves.

          The rising Chinese mold industry also needs constant management reform. Luo Baihui believes that in management, we should make bold reform, break the irrational management factors of our mold industry, introduce advanced management methods, introduce advanced management talents, train management talents, gradually eradicate management maladies in China大红鹰彩票登录地址's foundry industry and enhance international competitiveness.

          1. The growing size of the moulded parts and the high productivity of the parts require one mold and multi cavity, which makes the mold become more and more large, the large tonnage of the large mold can reach 100 tons, the one mold hundred cavity and the thousand cavities, the large work table of the mould processing equipment, the Z axis of the Y axis, the large load and the high rigidity and the high consistency.

          2. The hardness of mold steel is high, which requires the mold processing equipment to have thermal stability and high reliability.

          3. As for complex cavity and multi-function compound die, with the complexity of the shape of parts, it is necessary to improve the design and manufacture level of the mold. Many kinds of grooves and many kinds of materials are formed or assembled into components in a set of moulds. It requires a large amount of programming program and a high depth hole cavity comprehensive cutting ability and high quality. Stability, improve the difficulty of processing.

          4. The refinement of mold processing makes the processing equipment more complex and efficient. High speed milling has many advantages, such as Machinable high hard material, smooth machining, small cutting force, small workpiece heating and so on, which make mould enterprises pay more and more attention to high speed machining.

          5. The static performance introduced by the machine tool manufacturer can not reflect the actual processing situation when machining the three-dimensional surface of the die. The high precision machining of the 3D surface of the mould puts forward the requirement of high dynamic precision, and the high speed and high precision should be realized with the high rigidity, the thermal quality, the high reliability and the high quality control system.

          Mold design is based on the type of molding equipment, so the performance, specifications and characteristics of various molding equipment must be well known. For example, the following contents should be understood in the specification of injection molding machine: injection capacity, clamping pressure, injection pressure, mold installation size, ejection device and size, nozzle hole diameter and nozzle sphere radius, gate sleeve size, maximum die thickness and minimum thickness, and template stroke.

          Hua Zesheng technology said that in technical aspects, Beijing mold injection processing industry needs to carry out scientific research on one hand, the other needs China大红鹰彩票登录地址's mold industry to Nur foreign advanced mold production technology, and digest and absorb on the basis of the original technology, it is best to carry out two innovations, so as to make new mold manufacturing technology. Alternative is technology.




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